Wild Seedlings aims to bring more Australian children outside playing in nature, through transforming play spaces, pop-up play spaces, forest school training and permaculture. We understand that every project and event is unique, with the best results coming from collaboration and co-operation with all involved. 

natural play space design

transform existing playgrounds into magical spaces that spark creativity and imagination

pop-up play spaces

providing recycled materials and parts for children to build and improvise their own worlds

forest school

encourage children’s journey of self discovery and confidence while exploring and playing in the environment. 

childrens permaculture

integrate permaculture principals into children’s everyday lives and cultivate their natural curiosity and empathy of the environment


natural play space design

With over 8 years experience designing play spaces, Wild Seedlings can assist your school, child care space through the transition of your existing playground to a more natural and creative space that encourages free play, growth and exploration. 

We currently offer the below services

  • Consultation

  • Site Assessment

  • Sketch and Final Concept Plans

  • Planting Plans

  • Specification

  • Project Management

  • Liaison with Industry Experts


pop-up play spaces

Wild Seedlings collaborates with Local resources and cooperative to repurpose, recycle and divert playable elements from landfill. Items are chosen for their playability and imaginative purposes and are bundled in Loose Parts packages suitable for schools, child care centres, school holiday programs and events. Packages include:

  • Site Visit & Discussion

  • Risk Assessment

  • Package list & Plan for the Day

  • Delivery of package

  • Staff Supervision 

  • Clean Up

  • Photos from the Day


forest school

  • Risk Assessment

  • Child Led 

  • Staff Supervised

  • Fully Trained in  First Aid

  • Photos from the Day

This Year wild Seedlings attended the Archimedes Forest School Practitioners Training course in Surrey, UK. Once completed Wild Seedlings will be one of the few formally trained ‘Forest Schools’ in NSW. We are now looking for families that would like to participate and know more.


childrens permaculture

Some say Permaculture is a movement, others may say it is an considerate way a life. According to founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, permaculture is “ an integrated, evolving system of perennial or self-perpetuating plant and animals species useful to man”. Essentially thriving communities and personal outdoor systems, interconnected providing self sufficiency and connection to the environment. Children can begin their understanding of the environment and Permaculture through additions in their school and child care gardens and environments. Wild Seedlings Can assist with:

  • Consultation

  • Site Analysis

  • Design

  • Installation 

  • Permaculture Coaching 



Wild Seedlings is located in Sydney. However we are interested in travelling around the entire country. So get in touch!

Address: Sydney, NSW, 2010

Email: info@wildseedlings.com.au

play naturally