Wild Seedlings was founded in 2015 by Philippa Dunstan. Philippa is a Landscape Architect, Playground Designer, Permaculture Designer, environmentalist and child always at heart.


Philippa has had consistent experience designing spaces for children's play since 2010, and she is incredibly passionate about unique play opportunities including an obsessive fascination with Adventure Playgrounds of Europe and Forest Kindergartens of Scandinavia.  

"Natural play spaces have been close to my heart as I believe they inspire a true creative free play experience for children that I too had when growing up on our rural property in Lithgow, NSW."


Natural play environments have been found to support the mental and physical development of children, encourage risk taking and self awareness, assist attention and learning and inspire a curiosity in nature.

“Not only do children that benefit from Nature but Nature greatly benefits from children”

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I was inspired to start Wild Seedlings by a Canadian Research Study that found:

"87% of study respondents who played outside as children expressed a continued love of nature as young adults. Of that group, 84% said taking care of the environment was a priority".

This message was again reiterated, when Philippa completed her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2017 where it was discussed in detail  that our treatment of the environment and the current worlds environmental challenges is intrinsically linked with our connection to nature.


"If we do not develop empathy for the environment, we will not find a need to protect it."


Philippa wanted to learn more about more ways that assisted in Children forming a connection with Nature. So early in 2018, she completed her Level 3 Forest School Practitioner Training.

"I learnt so much at ground level when working with Children outside and I hope this will bring another level of understanding and qualification to Wild Seedlings which will further support children's experiences outside."

Exciting Times!

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